Critique by A. Gagliano Candela

In Bernadette Pisano’s research there are two elements that recur like a leitmotif: the energy, an inner energy which is determined and sometimes disruptive, and the sign, sometimes as line, often as figure.
Pisano reached the art in the adulthood and she didn’t rest until she traveled and experienced several roads, attending the Accademia Ligustica and putting to good use every single teaching and stimulus, in a more and more independent and personal way. The result is a multifaceted trip where the color has taken original connotations and almost violent tones that remind of the work of Mimmo Paladino, while an original chromatism lives in her paintings, where she relives and actualize her past memories.
The sign is not gestural but constructive and is the result of an endless attention to the drawing, with which she performs a re-appropriation of the everyday world, a chromatically empathic redefinition that draws on the records of a reality experienced inwardly. It’s the sign that controls the outburst of energy in her vibrant memories, showing in some works the traits of Francis Bacon, a Bacon of the XXI century, that purifies the expressive urgency in an emaciated and essential path.
In this way she develops a journey from the outside to the insight, that draws on a gradual simplification, reaching a chromatic matter of great fluidity in her most successful works. The figure thus becomes a memory that sometimes evokes situations experienced or dreamed, where the color shows moods and emotions, and the sign becomes track.

Great experimenter, Bernadette Pisano has recently started to work with ceramics, where she transposes her propensity for the figure, which in her last works evokes the works of Art Brut. She made some installations where the paper inserts become black interventions, mindful of Zen and of a full occupancy of the space, in a personal horror vacui, composed of successive layers.

Sign, color, material, are all trademarks of a research which is constantly evolving in an infinite space-time, where her passions converge: travel and music. All these things lead her to look at the world with curious eyes, to look for the essence of things. From every new meeting, Bernadette takes new lymph to build a new life path, full of future developments.
Alessandra Gagliano Candela