Bernadette’s eye by J. Blanchaert

Like the incomparable Muscovite watercolorist Romasko (an elegant and discreet person that you will not find on the Internet) is able to imitate any technique with her Winsor & Newtons, similarly Bernadette Schiaffino Pisano is capable, thanks to a relentless impetuousness, which is the result of a dam breaking upstream – a dam called spontaneity, of being as fluid as water, swift, dreamy and descriptive to the point where her oil canvases and papers can often be mistaken for watercolors. It is contemporary painting for unpedantic people who do not care to listen to too many explanations.
Take it or leave it. This exhibition, made up mainly of studies, of works that are therefore sketched “on a whim”, allows us to get to know the artist’s soul, which is present and is the protagonist without strategies and false pretences.

Let us travel with her into a selection of paintings.
“La Danza” (The Dance) calls to mind the light colors of certain paintings by El Greco, of Sicilian sugar-coated sweets and the glucose sculptures of Neapolitan confectionery. It is a Mediterranean world, assembled and amalgamated by a Genoese.
“Sottosopra” (Upside Down) shows us slender figures that move enclosed inside other people. They are our guardian angels. People flying without observing signposting and laws of gravity. Every once in a while, not infrequently, these bodies, these shadows, secretly help someone. “Donna” (Woman) is a beautiful and ancient personage wearing a Parah Olympic bathing suit, who is being observed with a certain intensity by a non-Northern man in a tank top.
“La grande madre” (The Great Mother) tells of a divinity who is extremely concerned about her children and the fate of an endangered world.
The world of today.
In the ink and mixed-technique studies one can feel the echo of swinging moods and tempers. I sleep, I ponder and I think like a cat in a Chekhov tale (Studio 14).
Here are the light-blue and pink movements of man and woman, nonsensical movements, ancient at that, wastes of time in every person’s life. Idleness, the father of vice and of literature.
Here movements blue and pink man and woman, movements nonsense, even ancient, lost time of one’s life. Idleness, father of vices and literature (Studio 16).
“My fear”, disquieting writing, appears in an image that is as difficult to read as certain poems that don’t rhyme. Vade retro Satana (Studio 17).
A mixed high-school class photograph, with unruly pupils moving in the moment when the picture is taken (Studio 19).
Oriental faces. Try to tell apart a Japanese and a Chinese. Past stories, family trees, the city of Kyoto (Studio 20).
“I Lettori” (The Readers). Ink and mixed technique on tracing paper, like skiing on glass. No time to read, today, the newspaper headlines will be enough.
“I guerrieri” (The Warriors) go towards death, on others’ directives, not knowing why. They are very white, often innocent as well. “Spaesamento” (Disorientation) is the literary narration of something that is about to happen, but we don’t want to call everything by its name. It’s half past two p.m.
Harem (Studio 9), a group of women colored in mid-blue, parked in an everlasting wait.
“Successione” (Succession), portrait characterized by a dynamism that is not dissimilar, but more sensual, than that which can be seen in the first daguerreotypes.
Bernadette’s eye.